RFID ticketing

We are thrilled to be offering a direct-to-lift guest experience. With the introduction of RFID cards (S card) and automated lift gates in 2019, we can quickly get you on to the snow with the option to bypass the ticket window.

You will save both time and money by using your re-loadable RFID card to purchase tickets and passes online.

What is RFID?
RFID is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification” and refers to a technology whereby digital data encoded in RFID tags or smart labels are captured by a reader via radio waves.

What is the S Card?
The S Card is Shawnee Peak’s RFID card. It is the size of a credit card.
Think of it as your pass or ticket. The gates at the lift lines will read the product you have loaded onto your card and allow you to pass through to the lift.  There is a $5 one-time fee for your S card.

How do I get an S Card?
You may purchase a loaded S Card at any of our sales stations. Alternately you may register for an account online and purchase a lift ticket to pick up at either of our outdoor Pick Up Boxes (PUB’s).

How do I reload my S Card?
Loading additional visits (tickets and season passes) is easy. Visit our online store and register for a new account. Select the product you would like to use and reload your card by typing in the WTP code from the back of your S card. The new visit will automatically be uploaded to your card. You may proceed directly to the lift upon arrival.

You took my photo, but it doesn’t appear on my S Card.
We require a photo on file for all season pass purchasers however you will not see your photo on your S Card. We use your photo at our lift gates, to validate that you are the individual using your pass.

Where do I put my S Card?
Your S card should be kept in a secured jacket pocket on the left side of your body. This will help the gates read the signal from your S card and allow for a smooth loading process. Place it in a pocket by itself away from your cell phone, credit cards or other devices.

What if I lose my S Card?
There will be a $5 charge to replace a lost S Card. Cards can be replaced at Guest Services. Please remember to hold on to your card and re-use it from year to year.

Is my S Card transferable?
S Cards are associated with individual customers.  Your skiing/riding privileges will be revoked if you give your S Card to anyone else. They are non-transferable.

Can I punch a hole in my S Card?
The S card has an antenna embedded that surrounds the RFID chip. Any damage to the antenna will render the card inactive, so we recommend never punching a hole in the card. As the card does not need to be removed from your pocket there should be no need to alter it by any means.

Where are new RFID gates located?
We have installed RFID gates at the Summit Triple, the Pine Quad, and the Rabbit Run. We will be hand scanning tickets at the SunnySide Triple.

Reload your ticket now.