On behalf of the worldwide skiing and snowboarding community, we’re happy you’re looking to join us in the mountains. You’ll be in good hands here at Shawnee Peak for your first day enjoying the slopes.

There are many reasons people love skiing and Shawnee Peak works hard to make sure you get to experience them. From right now, as you browse our site, to your first turns on the slopes we’re here to help you learn to love skiing or snowboarding as much as we do. There’s no feeling quite like making a perfect turn in the snow, watching snow fall around you as the wind presses against your ear to ear smile, hooting and hollering at your friends on the trail with you. In order to get there, we have some tips on what to expect below.

What to Wear

Check the weather before you come and dress in appropriate layers. It can be 10 degrees cooler at the top of the mountain than it is at the base. Your outer layer should be waterproof in case we have beautiful snow falling during your day here at Shawnee Peak. Plus there’s a good chance you’ll fall at some point so you don’t want jeans or a sweatshirt to hit the snow and absorb moisture. You’ll also want a helmet, which we have available for rent, as well as gloves, goggles, and non-cotton socks. Speaking of socks, don’t wear more than one pair of very thick socks- this may sound like a good strategy to stay warm but it does more harm than good.

People might tell you that ski boots hurt. They shouldn’t. Boot technology and comfort has come a long way. When you’re being sized for boots make sure they feel snug but don’t tough-it-out in boots that are too small and are hurting you.

What to Bring

Bring a change of clothing for after you ski. Even though it’s winter, bring sunscreen! If you’re renting equipment we’ll have it available here for you.

What to Know

Everyone starts out as a beginner; here are some things we wished we knew our first day on the mountain.

  • Skiing and snowboarding will get better and better with time, so we recommend planning a multi-day trip or a few weekends during your first season.
  • If you’ve never been to a mountain before or if it’s been a while, we highly recommend you take a lesson. Watching Youtube videos does not make you an experienced skier! A lesson will keep you and our other guests safe, and expedite the process of making you a snow-loving skier or snowboarder.
  • How to read a Trail Map
    • Green = Beginner Terrain
    • Blue = Intermediate Terrain
    • Black/Double Black = Experts Only
    • Types of Lifts:
      • Carpet- Carpets, like a moving sidewalk in an airport but at a slight incline, allowing you to experience moving on snow without having to hike up or ride a traditional lift.
      • Rabbit Run Triple accesses our beginner terrain and should be the first chair you ride once you’re comfortable with skis or a snowboard on your feet.
      • Next up, Pine Quad, with mid-mountain access to slightly steeper beginner terrain.
      • Once you’re comfortable in our beginner area, you can start to explore from the peak of the mountain on the Summit Triple or Sunny Side Triple.

What to Expect – Tips From Shawnee Insiders:

  • You’ll hear people refer to First Tracks– the first runs of the day always have the freshest corduroy (the smooth pattern made by our groomers) or the softest new snow.
  • Many people take a break at lunchtime after some morning runs before they head back in the afternoon. You’ll often have the slopes almost to yourself at lunchtime.
  • It’s beautiful out on the mountain. Take your time at the top of the run before you start.
  • Know The Code. Read these guidelines to make sure you and our other guests have a safe day.
  • Come early! Even before the lifts open or your lesson starts, it’s nice to have a few quiet minutes to take in the beauty of Shawnee Peak and get settled. Plus it’s the best way to score a primo parking spot.
  • Take plenty of breaks- being at elevation during winter weather means you might need more rest and hydration than you expect.
  • Don’t compare yourself to anyone else- unless to make sure you’re having more fun than he/she is. You’ll fall down a few times on your first day, know that everyone else did too.
  • Speaking of falling down, getting up can be tricky. If you’re putting your skis back on, make sure you’re standing perpendicular to the slope. If you’re on a board, make sure your weight will be on the uphill edge when you stand so you don’t start moving before you’re ready.

Should I Ski or Snowboard?

  • Both skiing and snowboarding are a treat. If either of them is calling to you, come give it a try! Either way, we recommend you take a lesson to make your first days on the slopes as wonderful as possible.

If you have any questions as you plan your trip, give us a call or email ski@shawneepeak.com