your private ski mountain for the day!


Know what’s cool and unique to Shawnee Peak?! Our RENT THE MOUNTAIN program!

Yup, you heard that right! When you rent the mountain you get the keys to the mountain! We’ll give you full reign of the slopes all day long. The mountain is closed to the general public and we’ll be spinning the lifts and dropping ropes on trails just for you!

So, what’s the deal here? We’re not sure – you tell us! You’re the boss and can invite whomever you want – the neighborhood, the company, your clients, everyone else you can think of, even those cranky in-law’s. If you want to close a trail so you can shred the ‘roy too, we can do that too, but we aren’t going to take the blame when your guests get angry 🙂 Go ahead, grab 50 of your closest friends or rent it out as a fundraiser, this is a very economical solution!

Shawnee Peak will work to customize the experience however you want – need help hanging signs, we can do that! Need help organizing ski lessons and equipment rentals, we can do that! Want to have a fun BBQ for everyone with après ski, we can do that too! Have a fun timed race to award elusive bragging rights for King of the Mountain, yup we can do that too!

Rent the Mountain generally is available midweek during the second half of March and on select weekends in April. Please inquire by emailing events@shawneepeak.com. Guests have always commented that it is one of their most favorite days of the year.