Why February is the BEST month for ski & snowboard lessons!

Hi There!

If you’ve made it this far, you’re interested in learning more about ski & snowboard lessons!

Well – let me tell YOU that February is the BEST month to take a lesson at Shawnee Peak!

Why is that? Here goes:

  1. The Weather: the temperature and conditions. Once we get into February, the days are warmer, the sun stays out longer and the snow is just awesome and in its mid-season form. No one likes a cold day, so shed the neckie and hand warmers and just have fun. Plus, it’s nice enough to have an après beverage outside or hit up the donut shack after the lesson. (and yes, if you are one of those unfortunate people that fall – don’t worry, we won’t tell – the snow is a little softer)
  2. The Instructors: At this point, our instructors have been teaching for more than half of the season. While we have many seasoned vets on our staff, everyone needs time to fine tune their skills and apply new learnings! We’ve also been doing training clinics as a team, throughout the winter. At the halfway point, we’ve seen it all and our team of over 100 instructors are ready to pass our knowledge to you.
  3. Experience: Maybe you’ve already been on snow a few times this year and perhaps have had a lesson or two. Well, this is the time to ask those questions that you’ve been too shy to ask your ski buddy, or to get a progress update and take your skills to the next level! If you’ve got children, they’ve probably developed enough confidence to go into a lesson alone or in their ski ability.
    • if you’ve already taken one of our GET I or GET II lessons, you’re eligible for a massively discounted season’s pass after you complete GET III!
  4. Timing: there is still plenty of time to apply the newly learned skills on the slopes. There remain many many weeks left in the ski season!

OK, well – now what?!

Please head on over to our website to see the various options that we have to offer:

Anytime Lessons

Private (1-on-1 treatment)

Adult Group

Children’s Group

February Vacation Fun

Children’s Adventure Camp

if you’d like to learn more beyond what is listed – please feel free to give us a ring at 207-647-8444 x26 or email us. We’re here to help!

Ron Laprise – SnowSports Director – Private & Adult Group Lessons – skischool@shawneepeak.com

Kristen Hoot – Children’s Program Director – Adventure Camp & Children’s Group Lessons – skiwee@shawneepeak.com