seasonal lessons for the kids!


Friends –

With the early bird price deadline in just a couple of days, we wanted to tell you all about our seasonal ski school program. Families near and far have long made this program one of the most popular options on the mountain. It’s a great way to develop the skills of your little one!

So, how does this work?

On the first day of the program, we’ll gather and learn more about your child and her / his ability level. We then will set them up into a group where they will be for the whole season. They will have the same instructor and students. It’s a wonderful way to meet new friends and grow alongside existing ones. We put forth our best efforts to ensure that the children remain in the same group throughout the winter, but we do realize that sometimes we have to make adjustments.

We have programs from ages 4 to 13 and will take most ability levels. Your child will learn a great deal about snowboarding or skiing. He or she will develop confidence to go all over the mountain. They’ll learn on the groomed flats, weave in and out of the trees and challenge some steeper terrain. Beware – they may be a better skier than you at the end of the program!

The majority of our instructors are trained to work specifically with children. Many are in their last year of high school or in college and are able to relate very well with children of all ages and personalities. Others are teachers and parents who enjoy working with children. Quite a few of them have been teaching for many years! All of our instructors are trained at the beginning of the season and will receive training throughout the winter. Kristen, the Program Director, is in constant communication with the instructors, students and parents to ensure that everyone is having the best experience. Shawnee Peak recognizes that every child is different. If there is something that needs attention, we will do our best to accommodate and with complete confidentiality.

Last, but not least, to answer an often asked question, yes we do run the program every week despite the weather. If you are unable to make it, we do offer a make-up week at the end of the season.

We hope to see you this winter! If you have further questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out by emailing skiwee@shawneepeak.com