Shawnee Peak – now powered by the sun!

Renewable Energy comes to Shawnee Peak!


We are excited to announce the completion of our first-ever solar array. This is a two-part system, located on the roof of the East Lodge and the Ski Wee Building. It is ONLY the second on-site solar array installed at a ski area in Maine, New Hampshire or Vermont!

Shawnee Peak has long been interested in on-site renewable energy, but until 2018 the project economics were not favorable for a ski area, due to the seasonality and energy load. The declining cost of panels, along with an award of a USDA REAP Grant, allowed us to move forward with this project in Spring 2019. We were thrilled to partner with ReVision Energy, a Portland-based company with over 7,000 solar installations under their belt! ReVision came over for a few site visits and helped us determine the best size project for our needs. As a family-owned ski area, we were excited to work with ReVision, which is an employee-owned, Certified B Corp.

Last week, Revision’s 5-person installation team installed 64 REC 320 watt panels on two arrays – a 10.88 kw (34 panel) and a 9.6 kw (30 panel) system. The installation lasted approximately four days, two at each location. We started generating energy immediately! The project’s expected lifecycle is approximately 25 years; the array is expected to generate 33,000 kilowatt-hours of clean solar energy each year, which is enough to offset the energy consumption of four of our six buildings!

In other terms, this is the same amount of energy it takes to:

  • Drive 92 times around New England
  • Bake 41,238 cookies
  • Cook 27,492 pizzas
  • Light a house with LED’s for 55 years

Additionally, we expect to offset 34,739 pounds of carbon dioxide each year. This is the equivalent to planting 386 tree seedlings!

“Because Maine’s latitude is identical to sunny places like Monaco on the French Riviera, Shawnee Peak is going to derive a strong economic and environmental return on its solar investment. Shawnee’s commitment to protecting Maine’s environment is good for business and good for all Mainers. We’ll definitely be taking our employees and their families skiing at Shawnee Peak this winter!” said Phil Coupe, co-founder of ReVision Energy.

Elsewhere, Shawnee Peak continues to look for ways to improve our energy efficiency. We’ve replaced all the lighting in the ski school welcome desk and cafeteria with LED lighting.

Please take a look around next time you’re on site this winter – you can’t miss our solar array.