is it snowing yet?

It was a wonderfully crisp fall morning today! But, sadly – no, it is currently 61 degrees and the mercury is rising. PS, it’s only September… Today’s post is dedicated to snowmaking and our annual off-season upgrades to snow surface management.


continued snowmaking investments:

As many of you remember, last year we did a major project in our two pumphouses, fully automating the system and increasing our pumping capacity. This summer, we’ve made a few tweaks based on what we learned last year, enabling us to fully maximize the system’s capabilities.


Additionally, we are replacing our water supply line that feeds the main pumphouse from the lake pumphouse. We’re using a new (to us) pipe type called ductile iron, which is manufactured in Austria. The company is called PNP and several ski areas have installed it. Compared to steel, this pipe is easier to install and holds up longer. It is also designed to pump more water, should we ever upgrade our pumping capacity in the future.


On-hill, we have installed a swing-arm bracket type device on our trails, capable of holding fixed tower guns. This will allow for less moving of equipment and faster opening of trails as the groomers will be able to access quicker. All of these improvements are done with the hope of making us more efficient!

we also take our lawn care seriously!

All the ski trails are mowed, starting in late July and it takes several weeks (thanks, Dan!). For the areas that can’t be reached with a tractor, they will all be weed whacked in October.


Next up is routine maintenance of our snowmaking infrastructure. There is no shortage of projects here! Stay tuned for the fun pics of our annual system test in fall 🙂


Thinking snow,