Early Summer Update

Hello Friends – 

We hope you are all doing well and finding ways to recreate in a safe and fun manner. Congratulations to our recent graduates! 

Now that we’re into June, I wanted to simply touch base. To say “hi” and give you a brief update as to what we are doing this off-season. 

First off, our Mountain Ops team has been hard at work over the past few months on-hill. The off-season list is always long – projects and annual maintenance – groomer service / decommissioning, trail work and routine lift maintenance. We are ahead of schedule and that is due to the hard work of our crew. A high five to you all! 

We’ve now broken ground on the expansion of our Ski Wee building. This will provide some much needed interior space for our popular (and growing!) children’s program. Additionally, we will also be doing some minor regrading of the outside space for more seating and easier access to the ski slopes. 

Many of you commented positively on our RFID system and your experiences. We felt the first year went well, but will be making a few tweaks that we believe will continue to enhance the customer experience. More details to come in a future post. One thing you can expect is a new e-commerce website, to further simplify the purchasing process and direct-to-lift access. 

Inside, we will be improving and expanding our F&B offerings. I’ll also save this for a separate post as we are still in the planning and layout process, but we are very excited! We are also looking at various ways to improve seating and traffic flow. 

Last, but certainly not least – the mountaintop yurt & cabin as well as the drive-to Tentrr site have all received a thorough cleaning and are ready for you! This is a great getaway idea with your buddies or family from home or your vacation house. 

Talk to you soon.