Business & Organizational Perks!

Hi All!

A beautiful day today, for sure! Let’s enjoy it, then get back to thinking cold temps!!

Did you know, that Shawnee Peak has many opportunities to promote and showcase your business! We want to work with YOU during these times – to increase brand awareness, grow your business and reward your loyal folks! Here are ways that we can help!

On-Site Signage & Brand Activation 

With our robust visitation numbers and skiers/riders from all parts of New England, we are a great resource for on-site signage or Brand Activation opportunities. We can place your company’s logo or message on our lift towers or base lodge billboards, generating significant daily impressions and unique call-to-actions! Better yet, do you have a product or offering you want to share? Shawnee Peak can work with you to figure out how to to showcase your offering in a safe (and fun!) way!

Peak Rewards Program 

Not having that Holiday Party this year? Don’t worry – we’ve got a great way to reward your employees, customers and VIP’s for all their loyalty this year! Give the Gift of Skiing! We can customize a pretty awesome gift package this season, don’t wait – be the COOL BOSS! Opportunities here are endless!

Peak Perks 

Certain companies qualify for enrollment in our Peak Perks Program. We want to help with your Employees Wellness and Benefit Program! Let us make your workspace the envy of others 🙂

shoot us an email, corporatesales@shawneepeak.com to learn how we can help!