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Uphill Skiing Policy

Uphill Skiing Policy 

Uphill travel by means of skinning or snowshoeing has gained popularity at Shawnee Peak and other resorts in recent years. Shawnee Peak welcomes and supports our guests seeking to enjoy the mountain. For the safety of everyone on the mountain, we ask that everyone follow our guidelines. All travel is done at each individual’s own risk.

All uphill participants have acknowledged that they know and will adhere to the Maine Skier Statute and the Maine Recreational Use Statute.

There are only two designated routes for both uphill and downhill travel (Main – Horn – Jack Spratt or Mohawk – Tycoon – Upper Roosevelt – Upper Appalachian).

Uphill travel is only allowed during the pre-dawn hours from 5:00 AM and 8:15 AM. Please be familiar with the mountain’s hours of operation. Headlamps and reflective clothing are recommended.

During the early season uphill access is not permitted due to snowmaking and grooming operations.  Please contact Guest Services to confirm uphill access is allowed.

  • Closed trails are prohibited at all times.
  • Usage of the terrain parks and BigAirBag are prohibited
  • Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the mountain at any time
  • Sledding is not permitted on the mountain at any time
  • Camping is not permitted on the mountain at any time

Any person using any of the facilities of the ski area is considered a skier and as such is required to adhere to and obey all posted information and to be aware of trail closures and other operational considerations. Be especially aware of other skiers and riders. Snowmobiles, snow cats, snowmaking hoses and guns may be encountered at any times and the skier assumes all risks


Participants must also be aware of, and avoid mountain hazards. Individuals are prohibited from within 100 feet of the following:

  •    Snowmaking hoses – High pressure. Don’t ski over hoses!
  •    Fan Gun Power Lines - DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER IT! 
  •    Snowmaking hydrants – Don’t approach
  •    Snow guns – High pressure. Don’t approach an operating snow gun – tower or fan!
  •    Snowmobiles – Stay visible. ASSUME THEY CANNOT SEE YOU
  •    Snow Cats – Stay visible. ASSUME THEY CANNOT SEE YOU!

Other hazard areas, operations or conditions may exist on-mountain.