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Sat, February 24


We'll be signing teams up on a first come first serve basis. The cost will be $5 pp - but here is the lowdown!

  1. Games are 10 minutes long. There will be a minute break in between each 5 minute half. 
  2. Teams will wear colored jerseys to idenitfy team members
  3. 4 on 4 (unless otherwise noted) Ages 7+
  4. Players must stop on the sound of any whistle from the ref.
  5. Time does not stop for any whistle unless otherwise noted by the ref. 
  6. We play on all different size fields.
  7. Goals will vary in size depending on field size.
  8. At the beginning of each quarter, play starts with the soccer ball placed at the center of the field and each team standing at their own goal. At the sound of the referee’s whistle, each team runs for the soccer ball and collides! Some teams come up with a better strategy than that.
  9. You can’t use your hands because, well, they are inside the BubbleBall.
  10. You can use the BubbleBall to block shots and control the ball if you are standing up.
  11. If you fall to the ground you can’t attempt to kick or block a shot.
  12. While on the ground you must not attempt to kick or interact with any other player. Thi sis considered a dangerous play and the ref will intervene.
  13. You can bounce into a player while they posses the ball from any side. You can bounce against a player who doesn’t have the ball from any side.
  14. You can not hit anyone else who is not wearing a BubbleBall and who is not playing the game.
  15. Games that end in tie will be decided by a 2 minute overtime. This will continue until one team scores.

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