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After School & Recreation Programs

At Shawnee Peak we host dozens of after-school ski and ride programs on a weekly basis. We have groups from schools, recreation clubs, homeschool co-ops, churches and families that visit once a week throughout the season. We are able to offer these programs our lowest rates possible on lift tickets, rentals and lessons due to their weekly commitment. If you are a fan of skiing and/or snowboarding, or are looking to get into the sport, we would highly recommend looking to join an after school program in your area!

Benefits of joining an after school ski program:

  • Skiing and snowboarding are fun activities.

  • Staying active during the winter months. 

  • Making new friends, while doing something fun. 

  • We make it an affordable alternative to other sports

  • It's exciting to ski or snowboard at night! We offer night skiing 6 nights a week, open till 8pm midweek and 9pm Fridays and Saturdays. 

How to find an after school program in your area?

  • Contact your local school and inquire about a ski program

  • Contact your local recreation center to inquire about a ski program

  • If you are homeschooled, contact a local co-op homeschool group or Shawnee Peak

  • If you can't find one at your school or recreation center contact Colleen Colella who will connect you with the closest program

How to build a multi-week program

  • Contact Colleen Colella for information on how you can create an multi-week ski club. 

  • Discounted rates are available with 5 or more weeks of visits. Midweek and night visits are priced lower than weekend. 

  • We can help with transportation, registration forms, rental equipment sizing and promotion in your area. 

  • Our friendly and experienced staff are available to meet with group leaders and discuss any logistical questions.