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Mountain Eateries


Blizzard's Pub is the perfect place to catch a late-morning snack, or to have a post-slopes pint, as well as chowing down on those most sacred of ski-dom's culinary delights: chili and nacho's. And, with regular entertainment, Blizzard's is a great place to hang out even when you've taken your ski boots off. Blizzards can be found on the top floor of the Base Lodge. You can enter Blizzards inside the base lodge up the stairway by the cafetaria or, from the outside up the steps to the deck from the courtyard. Blizzards pub is wheel chair accessible via the covered lift at the end of the deck. A Blizzards Bloody Mary is an absolute must!!

Base Lodge Cafeteria Your quick stop for breakfast, lunch and snacks. The Cafeteria offers premade sanwiches, salads, chowder and chilli or made to order specialties from the grill. Our Cafeteria is well known for Dianes handmade whoopie pies! Our staff and regulars love the daily specials!

East Lodge A second smaller cafeteria serving light meals, snacks and frosty beverages is located on the East Lodge open weekends and holidays.


Donut Shack The shack was arguably the most popular addition to our lineup last year and this year promises to be no different! Serving hot chocolate, coffee and water along with our delicious mini cider donuts. Topped with your choice of powdered sugar, sugar, cinnamon or just plain - you won't be able to resist the aroma!