Grooming & Snowmaking

Grooming & SnowmakingOur snowmaking and grooming crews make sure that you’re getting the best snow and the best conditions you possibly can—every single day. If Mother Nature doesn’t play nice, we have the snowmaking firepower to keep you on the slopes, and our grooming crew can buff it out to fine corduroy.  

As conditions dictate we do a Moon Groom.  This is unique to Shawnee Peak and as well as creating better a better night skiing surface it's really fun to see the Snow Cats out working! At approximately 3pm on busy days our groomers head out during which trails are shut down and reopened one by one. We keep trail closures to a minimum during the Moon Groom.

What's new for 2014-2015? 40 new low-e tower guns and 3 new fan guns.