The Great Adventure Challenge at Pleasant Mountain

Sat, August 16

2013 is the seventh year for The Great Adventure Challenge at Pleasant Mountain. It is a unique triathlon that encompasses three disciplines. It involves approximately 2.5 miles of kayaking or canoeing over a closed course of 2.5 miles, followed by approximately 16+ miles of designated trails of mountain biking, followed by a 2 mile run/hike/trek up and down Shawnee Peak which has an elevation change of 1300 ft. The Challenge can be done by either individuals or by teams.  Whether you are a hardened expert or first-timer, the course is the same; the Challenge is the same; an even playing field. This event is not considered an overly extreme event, nor is it for the faint of heart.

The kayaking/canoeing course will be visible for your supporters from Rt. 302 on the causeway of Moose Pond. There are several areas of the bike course that are particularly interesting. One of the more dramatic locations is at Pratt's Hill, a truly challenging 700 ft. long uphill dirt section with a 125 ft elevation change; the bike portion ends with competitors coming down one of the ski slope, in full view, to the running transition area. The run/hike/trek up and down Shawnee Peak is visible from the staging area at the mountain next to the finish line and affords viewing of much of the run.

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