hear ME now! Race

Sun, March 1

Helping children and adults with hearing loss learn to listen and speak.


How you can join the fun:

Join as a skier. Don’t have a team? No problem! Individuals are welcome – we will group individuals into teams as we receive registrations.
Pledge a skier or team
Donate online (see link below) or through the mail for your favorite skier or team. For every $10 donated, a team gets 1/10 of a second off their time! One run takes approximately 30 seconds to complete, so every tenth of a second counts! E-mail the link to all your friends, family members and coworkers and encourage them to pledge for your favorite skier or team too.
Even if you don’t ski, we would still like to invite you to come cheer the skiers on and enjoy a BBQ lunch with us. The cost is $15 per person.

Other information you may need:

Registration: 8:00AM – 10:00AM
Race Time: 11:00AM – Noon
BBQ: Noon – 1:30PM

We hope to see you on the slopes!
For more information contact Donna at 207-781-7199 or dbetts@hear-me-now.org

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