Today will be warm, with an abundance of soft spring snow. Come and ski or ride our 42 open trails. We’ll be skiing off all 5 lifts. This might be the best day of skiing this year! March Madness!!!

We have the annual passholder BBQ at mid-station today so swing by. This afternoon, ski from 12:30-4:30 for only $29.99!

The Ice Coast Challenge course is still up, come surf the slopes. 

Our Season Pass Early Bird Sale is underway. This sale offers the best deal for 2015-2016 season passes. As a bonus any first time pass holder making a purchase for next season can ski or ride for the remainder of the season with our compliments!

Hours of Operation

  • Saturday: 8:30am - 8:00pm
  • Sunday: 8:30am - 4:30pm

Today's Conditions

  • Temperature: 38°F
  • Trails Open: 41 of 42
  • Groomed Trails: 31
  • Lifts Open: 5 of 5
  • Parks Open: 3 of 2
  • Surface: Machine Groomed


  • Base Depth: 20-32"
  • Last 24 Hours: "
  • Last 48 Hours: "
  • Groomed Groomed
  • Snowmaking Snowmaking
  • Open Open
  • Closed Closed
  • Moguls Moguls
  • Night Skiing Nightskiing


  • Rabbit Run Groomed Open
  • West Slope Groomed Open
  • Easy Turns Groomed Open
  • Evergreen Groomed Open
  • Exit 48 Groomed Open
  • Happiness Is Groomed Open
  • Lil Pine Groomed Open


  • Parmalee's Groomed Open
  • Mohawk Closed
  • Main Slope Groomed Open
  • Lower Roosevelt Groomed Open
  • Lower Kancamangus Groomed Open
  • Lower Appalachian Groomed Open
  • Jack Spratt Groomed Open
  • Fat and Happy Groomed Open
  • Beeline Open
  • Pine Slope Groomed Moguls Open
  • Pinnacle East Groomed Open
  • Sunset Blvd Groomed Open
  • Yee Haw Groomed Open
  • Wizard Groomed Open
  • Upper Roosevelt Groomed Open
  • The Horn Groomed Open
  • The Crossover Groomed Open
  • Riley's Run Groomed Open
  • Sherwood Forest Open
  • Slide Chute Open
  • T-Line Open


  • The Gut Groomed Open
  • Cooley's Groomed Open
  • East Slope Groomed Open
  • Peter's Plunge Open
  • Poacher's Paradise Open
  • The Headwall Groomed Open
  • The Vain Moguls Open
  • Upper Kancamangus Groomed Open
  • Tycoon Moguls Open
  • Upper Appalachian Groomed Open
  • Upper Haggetts Groomed Open


  • Upper Cody's Caper Groomed Open
  • East Glades Open
  • Dungeons Glade Open

Terrain ParkTerrain Park

  • Grommet Garden Open
  • Freestyle Terrain Park Closed
  • Mini Park Open


  • Li'l Pine Beginner Surface Carpet Open
  • Pine Quad Open
  • NEW Rabbit Run Triple Open
  • Summit Triple Open
  • Sunnyside Triple Open