Get Skiing or Riding Packages

Get skiing and riding packages are offered every day at 10:30 and 1:30.  We recommended arriving one hour ahead of lesson time to allow for registration and rental fitting.  Get Skiing and Riding packages are offered for ages 8 - adult.

Get Skiing I $80

We're going to make sure you get the basics - learning to stop, how to control your speed, how to control your direction; and we're going to get you on the chairlift safely. This is strictly for first-timers, and it includes a rental package and beginner area lift ticket. You can also rent a helmet for $10 extra.

Get Skiing II $89

The lesson works on controlling linked, round wedge turns and stopping techniques on beginner terrain. The clinic may even leave the comfort zone a bit, establishing a narrower wedge and a light matching of skis (a parallel turn) on most Green Circle terrain. Again the package includes a ski rental package, lessons and an intermediate lift ticket. You can also rent a helmet for $10 extra.

Get Boarding I $80

Let us teach you the basics of snowboarding. We will teach you to stop, control your speed, and traverse across the hill. We will teach you to safely use a chairlift and help you make your first runs down the beginner area. This package includes your lift ticket for the beginner lifts, and rental package. A helmet rental is $10 additional.

Get Boarding II $89

This clinic is aimed at snowboarders who have taken one or more lessons. If you can stop, ride your toe or heel edge, and traverse the hill, this lesson is for you. We will work with you to develop skills to complete and link toe and heel turns, while experiencing new terrain. The package includes lesson, an intermediate lift ticket, and rental package. Helmets are an additional $10.

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