Green Initiatives

Shawnee Peak continues to lead the way for the ski industry with our environmental stewardship. Every year, Shawnee Peak has spent thousands of dollars with the end goal of using less energy, offsetting usage and recycling solid waste.

New "GREEN" Initiatives for 2014

This summer (2013) we have made a significant capital investment in a new electric plant. We have upgraded to a new switch gear station that allows us to use new, state-of-the-art, electric air compressors instead of the traditional diesel compressors. These compressors are used in the snowmaking process and normally are the largest consumers of fossil fuel on the mountain. Our switch to electric reduces the need for diesel fuel by 18,000 gallons, cuts our carbon emissions by 50% and should produce an energy cost savings of 15% each year! The state-of-the-art electric compressors will allow us to make the same amount of snow using less energy and, more importantly, less fossil fuels. Shawnee Peak will be the largest user of these new compressors in New England.

We have also made some small changes around our base lodge to help reduce our resource usage. We have renovated our restrooms to include waterless and low water usage toilets that will help save approximately 15,000 gallons of water annually.

100% High-Efficiency Snow Guns
A major capital expense, all new high-efficiency snowmaking guns are the ultimate energy-saver. Snowmaking operations use the most energy on the mountain. By replacing more than 75 older, smaller, low-efficiency snow guns with 60 larger, high-efficiency guns, Shawnee Peak will be able to make more snow at higher temperatures, using up to 25% less fuel!

In addition, all snowmaking pumps (which are the largest users of diesel fuel) have been converted to variable speed drives to reduce consumption by up to 30%.

The Great Room Features Solar Energy Use
The Base Lodge Great Room, which increased indoor seating by up to 25%, features all-glass exterior walls, for incredible mountain views and to take advantage of solar energy. By spending more on glass walls (versus traditional building materials), Shawnee Peak will reduce the amount of heating fuel needed for the room.

Other Green Initiatives at Shawnee Peak

  1. Special parking for Hybrid Vehicles. Drive your Prius and park in the front row!
  2. New Propane furnace for the Base Lodge, which is better for air quality.
  3. Major donations to the Nature Conservancy and Loon Echo Land Trust